Michoacán Artisans: Copper, Clay and Guitars

Each piece we showcase is crafted by an artisan in the state of Michoacán.  Meet the people behind the magic of these products! 

Each purchase directly benefits the team of artisans who are part of this project.

The three collections correspond to the three towns represented by this project:

  • Capula:  Clay.  Known for its clay pieces, such as Catrinas, vases, cups, and bowls
  • Santa Clara del Cobre:  Copper.  This town carries a copper tradition, and is known for its artisan vases, jewelry, and kitchenware
  • Paracho:  Guitars.  This is the guitar capital of Mexico.  Generations of guitarreros make quality acoustic guitars 

Diana de La Cruz, Capula, Michoacán

Diana's late dad, Alvaro de la Cruz, is one of the pioneer artisans of the iconic Catrina in México.  Alvaro worked for Juan Torres, a well known painter and sculptor at the time.  It was Juan Torres who built the very first Catrina out of clay.  Alvaro, working alongside Juan, also started working this iconic, traditional character.  Diana and her brothers learned how to make the Catrinas from their dad.  Now her, here mom (both pictured below) and her brothers share this tradition with us today.

Diana de la Cruz:  Catrinas in our Clay Collection  


Mayra Ayala & Juan Manuel Rosas Martinez, Capula, Michoacán

Mayra and Juan Manuel make the clay vases and cups fully by hand.  Shaping the clay is just half the story.  Juan Manuel has been hand painting these pieces for more than 30 years.  This technique is called "punteado" ("dotting"), which is a very detailed and intricate way of painting the pieces.


 Mayra and Juan:  Clay Collection


Napoleón & José Pérez Pamatz, Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán

Napoleón and José learned to work copper from his late dad, don Jesús Pérez Ornelas, who was a nationally recognized artisan in Mexico.  The brothers now carries the family tradition, making themselves several award-winning pieces.  They specialize in ornamental pieces, such as high detail vases.

José & Napoleón:  Vases in our Copper Collection


Marco Antonio Alfaro Jimenez, Paracho, Michoacán

Marco Antonio and his father Mr. Alfaro Ceras have been making guitars for decades.  His grandparents, from both his mother's and father's side, have been making high quality guitars.  His attention to detail, material selection, and sound quality have enabled him to get high honors in guitar expositions.

handmade guitar in a shop

 Marco Antonio Alfaro Jimenez:  Guitar and Ukulele Collection


José Bulmaro Suárez Pérez, Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán

He makes earrings and bracelets in the shop next to his home.  He has been working on copper for 50 years.  He is a Santa Clara del Cobre native, and makes a living from his copper jewelry. 

Bulmaro:  Earrings and Bracelets in our Copper Collection


Humberto Gomez Duran, Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán

Humberto and his family are also Santa Clara del Cobre natives.  They work on the amazing plates, shot glasses, martini glasses, pans, and buckets.  Some of his pieces are worked with machine, but he puts the final touches by hand.

Humberto:  Cups, pans, and buckets from our Copper Collection


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