How to keep copper looking great

Shinny copper is easier to maintain than you think!  If you have bought that eye-popping pan set, wine glass, or tequila set to decorate your kitchen, you want to make sure it looks amazing even after using it.  Your family and guests will be in for a treat.  We will show you two easy tricks to restore it's amazing shine:

  1. Lime, salt and baking soda
  2. Copper cleaner & polisher

Kitchen decorated with 100% copper items from Santa Clara del Cobre

What happens to copper

When bare copper gets exposed to the elements it corrodes and begins to change color.  Don't fret:  this is a natural process!

Without going too deep into the science, the oxygen in the air will cause the outer layer of a copper piece to begin to slightly corrode.  This is a process that takes time, so it will not happen over night.

Keep in mind that jewelry and some decorative pieces will be coated, and hence will resist the impact of the elements.

On the other hand, kitchenware will not be coated as this will be used for cooking or drinking.

Solid copper, 3-piece pan set

Lets make it shine!

No doubt copper's beautiful shine will make your kitchen look amazing.  The first method to bring back the shine to your copperware is simple:

  1. Wash your kitchenware with water and soap - never use a wire sponge or steel wool to clean your copper kitchenware!
  2. Cut a lime in half, pour some salt, and scrub!  Repeat as necessary
  3. Wipe clean with a soft towel

Lime and salt to clean copperOrganic method: lime and salt

Oxidized copper in kitchenwareCopper plate with corrosion

Cleaning copper with lime and saltCleaning with a lime and salt

Copper after cleaning with lime and saltClean and shinny again!

Note:  When using copper pans and pots, never let your food sit on them after cooking.

You may use baking soda as well along with, or in place of salt.

This method is also effective for pans that are used for cooking, so not just for corrosion stains.

Stubborn spots that just wont go away

If after trying the lime & salt method you still have a stubborn stain that just wont go away, you can use a metal cleaner & polisher such as Brasso.  Simply pour a few drops on the stain itself and rub firmly.  You can polish off the excess with a soft towel.

Our copper collection

 Our Santa Clara del Cobre collection features decorative items such as vases, jewelry, and kitchenware.  Each item is made by one of our artisan families living there.

Santa Clara del Cobre copper collection of vases earrings and kitchenware


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